There are so many causes of headaches. They can be catagorised into two main types:

Primary Headaches – Occur from direct causes such as stress or dehydration.

Secondary headaches – Occur from underlying illness or conditions.

If you are suffering from dizziness, nausea, blacking out and vision disturbances, hearing disturbances or night sweats, we recommend you visit your GP immediately before exploring other treatments. This will help rule out secondary headaches occurring as a result of illness, which can be the result of blood pressure issues, infections, symptoms of medications, deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and more.


This image shows the more common distribution of headaches and the various causes. For a more accurate diagnosis of what the problem is we recommend making an appointment with us. We will be able to assess your neck, and TMJ (jaw) and areas affected to diagnose exactly what the issue is and will advise you whether Osteopathic treatment will help or refer you to your GP with a letter of our findings and recommendations for further investigation. At The Backbone Osteopathic Practice, we ensure we put all our patients on the right track to help resolve the issue long-term rather then providing you with a short-term cure.

If you are suffering from headaches, you don't have to suffer in silence anymore! Come see us for a clear diagnosis and some drug-free pain relief.Contact us at the The Backbone by phone or email us at info@thebackbone.co.uk today!