Joint Pain


osteopathy2Osteopaths are well known for treating the spine but not everyone is aware that we are also trained to diagnose and treat joint pain. Osteopaths are taught a range of orthopedic tests for all the joints in the body.

Joint pain can be caused by injury affecting any of the ligaments, bursae, or tendons surrounding or structures (such as cartilage, meniscus, ligaments) contained within a joint. Osteopaths are trained to test all these structures using various orthopedic tests, which assist us in diagnosing where the problem lies.

There are other possible causes of joint pain. Pain can be the result of joint inflammation (e.g. arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis) and infection, and rarely it can be caused by tumours of the joint.

If you suffer from a specific arthritic condition or joint pain and would like more information specific to it, please email The Backbone Osteopathic Practice on: and include your full name, a contact number, the condition you want to learn more about and we will email you more information specific to that condition.