The Team

Ayse Ibrahim

Ayshe Ibrahim

Ayshe Ibrahim

BSc (Hons) Ost Med, DO, ND - Clinic Director & Head Osteopath.

Ayshe has over 13 years experience in treating patients of all ages, babies, pregnant women and athletes and caters every treatment to the patient’s individual needs.

"I believe completely in Osteopathy being a holistic treatment that addresses every structure of the body. I feel that every patient is unique and respond differently to treatment modalities, which is reflected in my treatments."

Ayshe works structurally, but also includes visceral and Cranial techniques (Sutherland methods, intraoral releases, myofascial release work, balanced ligamentus tension work), Neil Asher Frozen Shoulder techniques, in addition to ultrasound, interferential therapies alongside taping techniques and Dry needling.

"I advise on exercises, stretches, hydrotherapy techniques, provide ergonomic/ postural advice, and dietary advice as I feel lifestyle changes are important in assisting recovery and ensuring prevention of reoccurrence."

Ayshe has a keen interest in the treatment of pregnant women and babies and has taken many courses through the years to expand her knowledge in these areas.

Ayshe works closely with personal trainers advising on ways to assist athletes suffering from various conditions though training and raising Osteopathy awareness.

In her spare time, Ayshe has taught Osteopathic techniques at the Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine, writes health articles and gives talks to local community groups to help raise awareness of the benefits of Osteopathy and medicine free management of pain. She also has a keen interest in meditation and yoga. And is currently focusing her research and development in Women’s health and the affects of stress, anxiety and depression on the body and health.

Ayshe works at The Southgate Branch Tuesday & Thursday and The Muswell Hill Branch on Wednesday & Saturday.


Natalie Seager

Natalie Seager

Natalie Seager

BSc Ost - Senior Associate Osteopath.

Natalie qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 1994 and has a wealth of experience.

She keeps up to date by regularly attending continued professional development courses including cranial osteopathy and dry needling. Natalie enjoys treating all ages including the treatment of children and babies, pregnant women and the elderly. She is also intererested in occupational health and is a qualified functional capacity evaluator.

Natalie works in our Muswell Hill clinic on Mondays and Fridays.