Therapy Room Rental

Muswell Hill Clinic

Muswell Hill Clinic

At the Backbone we encourage a holistic approach with our patients. We are always networking with like-minded therapists and work along side many within our practice and outside of the practice.  We are always excited to have other therapists come rent our therapy rooms and offer additional services.

We have two calming, professional therapy rooms available at our Southgate branch and one available at the Muswell hill branch.


What amenities do you have available for those who rent your space?

We have toilet facilities, and a waiting area with herbal teas and water. Therapy rooms are equipped with wifi, a plinth, couch roll, pillows, towels

What hours are the therapy rooms generally available for rent?

At our Southgate branch: Mon-Sunday 9am-9pm

At our Muswell hill Practice: Tue 8am-12pm,Thu 2pm-9pm, Sat 4pm-9pm, Sunday all day.

 What does it cost to rent a therapy room?

 Therapy room costs are:

 Daily periods:






10-18.00 (minimum 4hours)


Morning:£40 (£10 per hour)

Afternoon: £52 (£13 per hour)

Evening: £66 (£16.50 per hour)

Saturday: £66 (£16.50 per hour)

Sunday:£40 (£10 per hour)


Anything else I should know?

  • A 50% deposit is required to secure rental and the balance is due the day of your session.
  • We rent therapy rooms only when space is available.
  • Any food or beverages brought in must be fully cleaned up when leaving.
  • No candles may be lit in the therapy rooms, but incense is permitted.

What is the therapy room rental cancellation policy?

  • Notice given 48 hours (2 days) or more before the rental- a full refund.
  • Notice given less then 48 hours before the rental – refund of deposit minus a £10 administrative fee only.